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Conway Endodontics


General Information

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Fulmer gave excellent attention to explaining what was wrong and how he would go about the procedure to do the root canal.  The staff was friendly and very caring with everyone that walked into the office and needed help in any way.  I will recommend Dr. Fulmer.  I was amazed at the ease of the procedure, and how I didn't have any discomfort the day after.  Dr. Fulmer and his staff exceeded my expectations.  I thought the injections would be sore or painful the next day and it's wonderful to have no pain.  THANK YOU to Dr. Fulmer and his wonderful assistant and staff!"

Patti Miller (Patient)

"You folks are very state-of-the art! Thanks for the excellent experience!"

Rev. Dan Brand (Patient)

"I am beyond satisfied with the service and staff and would recommend Dr. Fulmer to anyone in need. The procedure was so much better than I expected. The staff was friendly and accommodating."

Shonda Ali'Shamaa (Patient)

"Office was very caring, professional and well organized and the doctor''s skills were outstanding.  The explanation of the procedure and the before and after pictures were helpful to increase my comfort level and confidence in the work that was done.  If I ever need another root canal, I will definitely request that my dentist refer me to Dr. Fulmer . . . "

Patrick Godbold (Patient)

"I felt that Dr. Fulmer was very competent, and the experience was very pleasant and pain-free."

Linda Manning (Patient)

"Excellent service and friendly staff.  My needs were met exceptionally well, from booking my appointment to treating me during the procedure.  I really liked how Dr. Fulmer explained the procedure after completion and showed me an x-ray of the results.  Top notch care and my experience was better than I could have ever asked for!"

Justin Rawls (Patient)

"I am very pleased with my experience in Dr. Fulmer's office.  Everything was very comfortable and calm. I have and will refer others.  Thank you!"

Becky Smith (Patient)

"The care I received was very fast and virtually pain free. The professionalism displayed by Dr. Fulmer during the procedure was top notch. I would definitely refer anyone in need of dental work to him."

John Burden (Patient)

"Very professional staff;  I was back to work in less than one hour.  Minimal discomfort--the entire process was amazing.  I cannot imagine any better dental care anywhere.  Conway is fortunate to have such a wonderful endodontist and staff."

Mary McNutt (Patient)

"What a high tech experience.  The only thing difficult about the entire procedure was me filling out the forms online prior to the visit to Dr. Fulmer's office and that was only because I am an antique."

Travis Beard (Patient)

"I have NEVER liked going to a dentist, but this experience was painless and non-stressful.  THANKS!"

Marilyn Mathis (Patient)

"You and your staff have made me wonder why I've been scared of the dental chair all these years.  Thank you all for not only resolving my pain issue, but for being so kind and caring."

LaRue Holloway (Patient)

"I have already proven my point about 'root canals'.  I came home and my friend & I recovered my dining room chairs.  She and others were in disbelief that I was 'able' to do this and not experience any after pain.....:) :) Nina"

Nina Richey (Patient)

"I will recommend Dr. Fulmer to other people - he has a great demeanor and the staff was very competent.  I like using the on-line paperless patient information system.  I also appreciated the laptop visuals Dr. Fulmer used chairside to explain the procedure before and after the root canal."

Kerry Foos (Patient)

"Thank you very much for the 'excellent' care. Your staff treated me very well and above all it was a 'pain-free' experience. :)"

Deborah Roberts (Patient)

"I have had bad experiences in the past.  Dr. Fulmer was very friendly and gentle as well as the staff.  I did not feel any pain during any part of the procedure."

Christina McKamie (Patient)

"First class all the way . . ."

Marvin Mear (Patient)

"I was very anxious about having the root canal done (it just sounds horrible).  However, the staff and Dr. Fulmer made me feel very at ease. I liked the way Dr. Fulmer explained the whole procedure to me.  The procedure was nothing like I expected.  It didn't hurt at all."

Carole Hissom (Patient)

"Excellent!  Everything was very professional and courteous.  I appreciate how everything was explained thoroughly, and I had practically no pain during the procedure."

Mary Spears (Patient)

"I was very impressed with the care and professionalism by Dr. Fulmer and his staff.  Very friendly and personable.  Thank You for making a stereotypically bad experience tolerable and relatively painless.  I will recommend to others. . . "

Kevin Taylor (Patient)

"I would recommend your clinic to any of my friends/family."

Deberoh Fisher (Patient)

"Coming to your office was a very positive experience.  I was very impressed with the entire procedure.  I have already given everyone in my office your name, address, and phone number.  I feel extremely comforable recommending you to anyone.  Thanks so much for the excellent work you do.  I appreciate professionals like you."

Dana Davis (Patient)